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I felt I wanted to say something about yesterday's news concerning David Tennant leaving Doctor Who. I just wasn't sure what to say....so I thought I might start by sending some more hugs out to my dear friend humansrsuperior. I know how sad she is feeling and today all I keep thinking about is how beautifully she celebrated her doctor with her beyond magnificent videos ....and amazing fan fiction. Since my LJ username, raspberry-splat, was actually born out of a scene from an early fic of hers, Raspberry Rose (it mentions raspberry ice cream and....how some went 'splat'), it got me thinking and remembering...and I thought what could be better than to honor this doctor....and HRS's writing by putting a wee spotlight on her beautiful body of work, for her writing is one of the ways she pulled me closer to finally watching and falling into Doctor Who...and her stories have brought joy to so many. I remember a good many 'fic chats' we had and I am honored to have witnessed some of her creative writing process. So even though Ten will be leaving the TARDIS after the Specials, there will be many ways to revisit his time there .... including the glorious Ten (she even wrote some incredible Nine fic for me) stories HRS has shared with us HERE. Perhaps you will choose one or two..or a few...to read for the first time..or favorites to enjoy again.

Many many hugs to you, {{{{HRS}}}}...your doctor continues to travel in the TARDIS through your amazing work....a pricelss gift for everyone! xoxoxoxox
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