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Vid Recs!

I know many have seen some of these vids already, but I just wanted to embrace the vidders once more by making a call out to them here. (And if you haven't seen some of these yet, go go go...and leave them some happy words.)

Thrown Away by leviathan101. Music by Vast. Fandom: BtVS
This is one insanely incredible vid for Spike. Editing flawless, effects and transitions leave me in complete awe. It has my Spike love reeling within me, this is full of action, wonderful angst ...and just plain vidding perfection. Lev knows her characters' hearts and paints them for us like no one else. (Hugs to her too for introducing me to Spike and Buffyverse)

Won't Stop by humansrsuperior. Music by One Republic. Fandom: Doctor Who
Gorgeous upon gorgeous editing is her trademark...and never more than here. I get lost in the vid's beyond exquisite flow, it is awash in vibrant color that simply bursts with the beauty of the Doctor and Rose ...and this music. Starting with Nine and beautifully flowing into Ten...this vid has you sailing on all that is the Doctor and Rose, filling the eye and heart to the brim.

I Think I'm a Clone Now by rhoboat. Music by Weird Al Yankovic. Multifandom.
This is one clever, fun and fabulously edited vid. I had the pleasure of seeing bits of it as it came alive and I am such huge admirer of rhoboat's talents! It's such fun seeing all these fandoms bound together by this ingenius idea. Such awesome lyric matching, I'm still reeling! The wonderful effects and fantastic editing have you wanting to ride this clever vid again and again.

Dance With Me by chasarumba. Music by Debelah Morgan. Fandom: Ballroom dancing movies.
Pure Magnificence. Every step and evey sweep of this vid has me enraptured. With flawless, pristine editing...the vid is gloriously alive, it's beauteous streaks full of vibrant dance and emotions. Four dance films including my personal favorite, Strictly Ballroom, are all edited together seamlessly...like a miracle...the vid is enthralling just like dance itself. This gorgeous gorgeous vid paints the joy of dance on your soul!

All such inspiring work....(I can only hope a tiny bit of that inspiration will work it's magic and help me finish up my own vid.) :)
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