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Vidding Meme

I was tagged by leviathan101 :)

I'm going to start by answering something Lev brought up in her vidding meme..and add that my editing software is the wonderful Sony Vegas. :)

1.) When did you first start vidding?
I began vidding in March 2005. It started shortly after I began watching Farscape and fell deeply in love wih the show.

2) What would you say was your inspiration or motivation to start doing it?
My inspiration definitely first came from a need to celebrate my love of Farscape....and from the incredible videos I was seeing...all due to dear friend leviathan101 who introduced me to both Farscape..and vdding. Some of the first vids I saw were her beautiful debut vid Don't Speak..and Lithiumdoll's "My Immortal" The more deeply I was moved by the show, the more the need to express it took me over. I have my dear friend Lev to blame for that, .. my but I'm so glad!!

3) What do you or have you vidded?
So far I have edited videos for Farscape, Smallville and Doctor Who.

4) Where do you draw your inspiration from for vids? Is it the song? An idea? Someone else?
My ideas definitely start with the song, and I begin to see my story inside the music and lyrics. It usually won't leave me alone and I'll play it in my car non stop, and the vid starts itself on the 'timline in my head.' I usually keep a note pad in my purse for jotting down ideas, even at a stop light if need be, so I won't forget them by the time I get back to my computer.

5) What was your favorite video to make or do? As in, what was the most fun to make?
I think the most relaxing and fun time I had making a vid was I'm 'Only Happy When it Rains' for Smallville. Things fell into place quickly and I remember just being excited at some of the new things I was trying for the first time in that vid. I also adored vidding my section of Winter in My Heart for Doctor Who...the collaboration vid I made with leviathan101 and humansrsuperior. The experience of working with my good friends, two vidders I admire beyond words, is something I treasure dearly. I'm really proud of that video and of being a part of it.

6) What was your least favorite video to make or do?
Probably Temptation Waits for Farscape, not because I'm not proud of the vid, but because I can recall vividly the intense vidders block I had during it's first stages. The song and idea hit me hard at first, but it was only my second vid attempt and the vidder's block just sort of had a chokehold on me and I actually stopped working on it and moved on to another vid. It ended up being my third vid by the time I came back and completed it. Despite these difficulites, I am happy to say it won at Creation's 2005 Farscape convention and am terribly proud it was used to introduce Scorpius (Wayne Pygram) at the con.

7) Which video are you most proud of?
I'd have to say Map of the Problematique for Smallville. The music was a huge challenge for me and I am really proud of the final result and how my vision was realized. I am also thrilled with the attention it received. I'm also very proud of White Shadows for Farscape..and my most recent vid, My Skin for Doctor Who, it was a story I'd been wanting to tell for a long time. ETA: (despite unfortunate events during the vidding process, this vid didn't immediately fly into my head for question #6, it's become kind of dear to me)

8) What's the best feedback or comment you've ever gotten?
That's really a tough one...for I've been blessed with such amazing feedback, people have been impossibly generous to me. I still go back and read old replies....they make me feel wonderful.

9.)What is your opinion on clip theft?
I don't think there is any opinion to have on it but a negative one. It boggles my mind that anyone could be comfortable taking credit for and accepting praise for something they did not create themselves. And on top of that, there are those that defend their theft and lash out at the true editor for calling them on it...that just leaves me seething.

10) Favorite genre to vid to (comedy, angst, romance, drama, AU)?
I guess I'd have to answer...angst. The majority of my vids are pretty angst ridden...with some romance as well. Hopefully some comedy is in my vidding future.

11) Favorite pairing(s)?
John/Aeryn (Farscape), Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who), Lex/Lana (Smallville)

12) What just drives you up the wall when it comes to vidding?
During the actual vidding process...finding that an idea I thought would work, is doing nothing for my story once it's on the timeline. Also, watching an incredible vid by another vidder whilst in the middle of working on one of my own..and feeling vidders envy, it always disrupts the vidding process a bit...!! (so I try to avoid that most of the time!)

Those who feel it's their duty to give you advice on how to vid or offer opinions on things you might do differently in a particular vid. grrrrrrrrrrrr

13) Is vidding a pastime, hobby or something to help gain experience to do more later in life?
Definitely a hobby, a bit of a passionate one, but a hobby all the same.

14) What is your latest project or idea for your next vid if your muse isn't dead?
I have another Doctor idea rolling around in my head (and I am leaving the door open for any ideas that might float in inspired by season 4 of DW). At one time I fancied the idea of a Lost video, but that doesn't seem to be on the immediate agenda. I have a half finished Farscape video I'd love to get back to one day. I also have some Torchwood and Heroes watching to catch up with, so it's hard to say what other ideas may come along.

15) Finally, what kind of words of wisdom would you offer someone who wants to vid/ is a newbie?
As two wise vidder friends have already said, Vid for yourself.
Watch lots and lots of videos for it is a great way to learn, but don't let yourself be intimidated....turn your awe into inspiration...and keep vidding.
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