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What fun! Time Crash, my first 'new' Doctor Who!!

Yayyyyyyyy! After catching up with S1 - 3 on DVD and via downloads this summer, I finally got to watch NEW WHO with my fellow Whovians...the very same day! Time Crash was soooo adorably funny....and just a joy to watch! What a treasure for new and old fans alike! Having two Doctors face to face is completely wonderful in itself....but of course for me, having one of them be Ten just amped up the enjoyment 1000 watts! David's glee at being on screen with Five was plain to see and we all benefitted from his excitment.  As soon as I get this post up (which has been a wee bit stubborn this night...grrrrr!) I'm off to watch again!

I had lots of favorite moments...

.....but there is one that was probably my absolute favorite......

"It's not something you see everyday, is it? The back of your own head!"

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