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Green Day and Valentine's Day

I didn't mean for it to be so long since I last posted, but I'm glad to be sayin' Hi...and.... I hope your Valentine's Day was Happy!
Matt and I had a wonderful dinner together last night...deliciousssssssssssss food (lobster tail stuffed with crab!) and a bouquet of flowers sitting on the table for ME! It was such a sweet night...with my Valentine♥.

But I think we really started celebrating on Saturday, when we went to see Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway. I am still feeling the crackle in the air.....it may sound corny to say, but it was truly electrifying. I still can't find the words to truly describe how exhilarating it was. And. Billie Joe. Appeared as St Jimmy. I'm still pinching myself. His presence...holy electricity. I.....damn....why is it so hard to type how happy seeing him....how happy seeing this show made me??? The music and performances are still stomping through my head. I'll feel sad when that tones down. LOL

Drawing big happy hearts around the St James theater...

Sighhh What an incredible experience. What a weekend. What a life. Last year at this time I had just finshed radiation treatment..and now, a year later my hair is finally touching my shoulders...and I got to share an amazing gift with my best mate, courtesty of Green Day, Billie Joe...and the glorious cast of American Idiot on a cold but fantastic February day in NYC.
Hey, if you love Green Day,...or just love music...or just love incredible talent...the theater...and want to see performances that will leave you soaring... that you will never forget,....SEE THIS SHOW.


I see my oncologist for my 6 month visit on the 28th, but I'm not thinking about that a whole bunch right now.


I've been feeling....happy.

My heartfelt thanks (and Matt's too) goes out to rhoboat, who encouraged me to see AI and never let up until we bought tickets. (I'm drawing hearts around you, too) Thank you for letting me babble on and rave about it the next day..for feeding me with YT links to keep me on my AI high...(and special thanks for singing some of 'Are We the Waiting' when my brain wouldn't let me remember it for a second! Now it might be my favorite from the show I think. Oh. that. song.)

Again...Happy belated ♥'s Day everybody!

ETA: In my excitment, I neglected to include a link for info on American Idiot. The site has some video and the links to the left give more info on Green Day and the show :)
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