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Hello and thank you to some very gracious people

I've finally begun to decorate my LJ! Last night, after grumpily (is that a word?) reworking my graphic (due to a ludicrous lapse in judgement about size) and bumbling my way through my CSS settings (I have to hug hug hug 

humansrsuperior for all her help and for sticking it out with me!!) I'm finally able to paint some Doctor Who about the place in celebration of my recent zoom through S1 - 3. Yes...I finally watched all of Doctor Who after having promised dear dear HRS for months ...and months... that I'd get started! She was doing cyber cartwheels in order to get me to watch....and I'm so sorry HRS that I put you through all that! (but we did have some fun on the way as your glorious vids and fics set me on a path towards the DW journey that lay ahead of me! To think that jagwriter78 gave me those DW discs.....GASP....all the way back in November at the Farscape convention...sighhh. Big hugs and thanks to you dear Jag....for all the joy those precious discs have brought my way (and Kate, too)!!

I also want to thank everyone who has welcomed me so warmly into the world of Live Journal. I made my way over here with my newly vidded Map of the Problematique tucked gingerly under my arm....hoping to share...and I was greeted more wonderfully than I could have imagined!! I was overwhelmed by how generously everyone responded....it really renewed my spirits (which were a bit low at the time). Special thanks goes out to talitha78 for so enthusiastically recc'ing MOTP, I'm still spinning from the praise she heaped upon me and I thank her for her very gracious hospitality...and toenderwiggin24 over at sv_vids for such warmth, kindness and helpful tips after I wandered onto that wonderful community to post MOTP. (Thank you too ender for your recent e-mail full of helpful links to help me navigate these new LJ waters!)

One more hug to HRS....for leading me here in the first place.....you're the absolute best.




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