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A Wintery picspam

Seems we haven't seen the last of snow around here as it's snowing as I type this, so I thought I'd share some of the photos I took when we had our last big snow in January. I love the snow, it's wonderland magic can make everything feel so serene...so in the early morning quiet, while every tree branch was still coated, I took some pictures. The snow, while there was a lot of it, was light and fluffy and in only a matter of hours, the sun and wind made my photos look as if they'd almost been a dream.

And this last image was taken on an earlier day where we had a lot more ice mixed in with the snow.

A little something else to add to this winter mix...
My husband took me to a hockey game for Valentine's Day. It was an especially happy and fun way to spend V-day as we used to go to lots of hockey games together when we were first dating and after we were married even had Flyers season tickets for a while. (Later that night we got dressed up and he took me our for a beautiful dinner too!) I used to be quite a hockey nut when I was younger, so being from Philadelphia, I was sooooo tickled when I saw David Boreanaz wearing a Philadephia Flyers uniform (that of their lengendary Bobby Clarke, no less!) in a dream sequence from a recent episode of Bones, 'Fire in the Ice.' (Since DB grew up in the Philadelphia area, he is a huge Flyers fan). And since I had no photos from our Valentine's game, I thought it would be fun to post some of Booth on ice....in his Captain Bobby Clarke uniform! :) He looks wonderful and so at home on the ice.

The Flyers won when we saw them and it was an awesome game...(kept me from thinking too much about how I wasn't going to be at the Valentine's concert James Marsters was having the next day in New Jersey, only a wee hour and a half from me!)

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